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Annette M Stevenson

Annette M Stevenson

Orlando, FL


Annette Marionneaux Stevenson says life is all about art even in the boring dull moments to the most beautiful awe inspiring moments of nature. She expresses movement of line, color, light, shadow and the interplay of flat shapes against areas of depth in her paintings. Annette's creativity allows her the ability to incorporate themes of nature, water, landscapes, animals, human relationships, abstract concepts, and design into her artwork. She utilizes oils, acrylics, oil pastels, watercolors, mixed media and digital art. Annette conveys storytelling with her adventure paintings such as Treetop Sunset River Sail, emotions with her Women as Caregivers work, beauty with her Flower Collection art, love of color and line with her abstracts, Dancing Child and Windy City and love of shapes with her various Color Collection designs. Creating artwork gives Annette so much joy and happiness. She hopes you experience the same joy and happiness when looking at her paintings.
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Acrylic painting Instructor 2015 through present
Featured Artist of the month, Water Scenes, June, 2018 - Gallery One Artists
Featured Artist of the month, Solitude Series, August 2017 - Gallery One Artists
Featured Artist of the month, Flower Series, October, 2014 - Gallery One Artists
Featured Artist of the week at September 1, 2014.
Three paintings Canna Lily, Caladiums, and Hibiscus in City Arts Factory of Orlando Juried show November and December 2013

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Mardi Gras

Beach Collection by Annette M Stevenson

Water Scenes by Annette M Stevenson


Flowers and Plants


Animal Mugs Collection by Annette M Stevenson

The Orchestra

Fall Season Collection by Annette M Stevenson


Lovely Green Color Collection

Blue Color Collection

Beach Collection with Blue Colors

Purple Happiness Collection by Annette M Stevenson